Sitzmann Morris & Boyle Insurance Agency, LLC

New website coming in 2020

We are working with an outside consultant to codify in writing the value we strive to provide to clients and professional advisors. During our transition, please learn more about our firm by visiting Sitzmann, Morris & Lavis’s site at

Gary R. Sitzmann, CLU

(510) 903-0217

Donald E. Morris, Jr. CLU

(510) 903-0219

Daphne Boyle, CLTC®

(510) 903-0216

Happy New Year & welcome to Sitzmann Morris & Boyle Insurance Agency, LLC


We are pleased to share that our firm begins 2020 with a fresh spirit of independence and entrepreneurship. After joining forces with Brown & Brown in 2011, we have now reacquired the Life Insurance division of our former firm.

The core values we have celebrated throughout our more than 50 years in business remain vibrant, with continuity for our clients being essential. As such, we’ve cemented our third-generation of leadership, with Daphne Boyle transitioning to an owner and partner alongside Gary Sitzmann and Don Morris.

Our relationship with the M Financial Group remains unchanged, thereby protecting our ability to support established families in acquiring and owning proprietary life insurance products in a manner that’s beneficial to their financial stature and stability.

Also, please note we will be based in the same physical location in Lafayette, California.